Reduce The Fear, Embarrassment and Agony of "Public Speaking" Down to Almost Nothing

Scientifically PROVEN to dramatically reduce nervousness, shaking, “going blank” and word fumbling!

Ends the strain, pressure & sleepless nights leading up to your public speaking event!

Gives you the confidence to powerfully deliver your presentation!

Lifetime money-back guarantee!

Learn How These 5 Ordinary People Completely
Eliminated Their Fear of Public Speaking With
This Powerful New Method!

Disclaimer: Our testimonials are all from people who had a very high level of fear speaking in public before using our program and because of this their results are more dramatic than what you may experience if your fear is not as intense.

Date: January 2007

From: Morty Lefkoe

Re: The first scientifically proven method of reducing
the fear of public speaking to almost nothing.

Dear Friend,

When you speak in public, do you experience...

Sweaty palms?

Shaky hands?

Racing thoughts?

Pounding heart?

Forgetting what you had to say?

If you experience two or more of the symptoms above, speaking in public must be a very painful experience for you.

When you get rid of your fear, not only will you eliminate all these painful symptoms, you also will for the first time be able to...

...accept that promotion to a job in which you have to speak publicly.

...finally be confident when speaking in public and really communicate exactly what you intend.

...make sure your voice is heard at meetings where you have something you want to say.

...sleep well at night even the day before an important speaking event.

Have you tried any of the following to get rid of your fear of public speaking?

...spending countless hours preparing for your speeches.

...confronting your fear by speaking in public many times.

...relaxation exercises, therapy, hypnosis or drugs.

Did any of these approaches really work for you?

If these approaches haven't worked for you, I'd like to suggest they can't eliminate your fear because they are as superficial as putting a band-aid on a compound fracture.

They don't address the real causes of the fear of public speaking and so they can't begin to solve this painful problem.

So then...

What Does It Take To Eliminate
The Fear Of Public Speaking?

Most people who fear public speaking are worried about being judged negatively or criticized ... or they fear disappointing people who currently think well of them ... they might even feel that they just don't have what it takes to be a good public speaker ... or that people aren't that interested in what they have to say.

These are just some of the many issues that contribute to a fear of public speaking.

These specific concerns are caused by beliefs like:

Mistakes and failure are bad

People aren't interested in what I have to say

What makes me good enough is having people like me and think well of me

These are just a few of the 10-12 beliefs that contribute to a fear of public speaking.

Now many people with a fear of public speaking have looked at lists like the one above and told me "I know I don't believe any of these statements. They aren't true for me."

And of course they're right. Most people know that the beliefs that cause their fear are untrue.

You may know that many of the beliefs that cause your fear of public speaking are not true, you might even have evidence that they are completely false.

However if they feel true on any level, if you are worried about making a mistake in front of an audience, if you are concerned about what people think of you, then you definitely have some of the negative beliefs that cause a fear of public speaking.

And if you are not sure about this yet, that's OK.

The solution I am going to present to you will actually help you to get in touch with any beliefs you have that are causing your fear, even if you have no idea what they are.

At this point most people ask me

"How Can I Get Rid of My Fear-Causing Beliefs?"

My answer: A process I created over 24 years ago, which I call The Lefkoe Method, that helps you change your beliefs and get rid of your fear for good.

This process helps you to identify beliefs, even ones you don't know you have, and get rid of them in a step-by-step process that's far easier to do than it is to explain how to do.

That's why I've made my process available to you risk-free in an interactive DVD program you can use alone, in the comfort of your own home.

Now if you are anything like most people who haven't done our program, you might be thinking "this is just too good to be true."

That's exactly what the wife of Mitchell McDermid said before he tried the DVDs.

I wonder what she said AFTER he made his six presentations in November 2007.

He tells his story below:

"I had purchased your DVD's to help me overcome my fear of public speaking. I had about six or seven presentations to give in the early part of November '07 and I was desperate. As I thought about my fears, they started to become worse as the time to present approached. I informed my wife that I would be making this purchase and she was to say the least very skeptical. She thought it would be a waste of my money.

Once I started participating in the program, I became psyched by the possibility that maybe, just maybe this might be the ticket to overcoming my fears once and for all. I listened to the lady who was narrating throughout the program. She gave me the confidence to go deep inside my beliefs and truly look at what could possibly be holding me back.

A week later I did my first presentation to approximately 120 people and believe it or not I actually enjoyed it. I'm not one to approve or endorse any product or program. But I feel so strongly about your program, that if it helped me to overcome my fears then I need to share this experience with you in the hope that it might be able to help someone else overcome their fear of public speaking.

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Mitchell (Glenn) McDermid

Of course Mitchell's story is just one of many success stories from people who have used this program.

But how can you be sure this program will work for you?

That's the question that researchers at the University of Arizona attempted to answer when they studied our approach a few years ago.

When you read what they discovered, you'll see why our approach to eliminating the fear of public speaking has helped so many people and why we are able to offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

The Scientific Proof That
The Lefkoe Method Works!

If you're like me you'll want to know more about the research study that proves The Lefkoe Method eliminates the fear of public speaking without all the clinical mumbo jumbo you'll find in the research article posted on this website.

You'll want only the important details in plain English.

So here it is.

In 2004 researchers at U of A identified 36 members of Toastmasters who had an intense fear of public speaking. Their fear was rated 7 on a scale of 1-10. A 1 is no fear, 10 is ready to pass out. So these folks had a high level of fear.

Group One was exposed to The Lefkoe Method.

Group Two continued to speak weekly at Toastmaster's meetings.

After a few weeks the group that experienced The Lefkoe Method had their fear reduced to 1.5. (Remember a 1 is no fear so 1.5 means their fear was barely noticable.)

But what happened next is more exciting!

The second group was exposed to The Lefkoe Method a few weeks later so researchers could be certain The Lefkoe Method produced the changes they were witnessing.

And it did.

The second group experienced the same reduction in fear as the first group after they experienced The Lefkoe Method.

Finally, the researchers had one question to answer:

How Long Would the Changes Last?

So they followed up with these formerly 'fearful speakers' two years later.
And in the words of Dr. Lee Sechrest :

"We had expected that the fear would come back but it didn't. They had, in fact, changed. Their fear of public speaking was gone."

Okay, you're probably thinking, this doesn't prove the changes will last forever. It only proves that the changes stayed in place for two years.

Well, you're right.

Even our 24-year history of helping people get rid of their fears doesn't prove the changes will last for over 20 years. It only verifies that the changes last for a pretty long time.

But if somehow your fear were to return in 20 years, you could always use the program again to eliminate the fear for another 20 years.

"The Results are Absolutely Unbelievable!"

"I am a pastor, and I've been speaking publicly for over 15 years. As our church has grown in size over the last few years, I developed a great fear of public speaking. It got so bad that I had a panic attack every single time I spoke within the past year.

I purchased these DVD's as a last-ditch effort to address the problem. Otherwise, I felt I would have to quit. I finished the program on March 28th,
and immediately put it into practice while conducting a funeral on the 30th. Then I spoke at three Sunday services on April 1st.

Not once did I experience anxiety. In fact, I felt more connected with my congregation than ever, and I experienced a renewed sense of joy while speaking. The results are absolutely unbelievable! Thank you SO MUCH!"

Brett G.


Here's What These People Accomplished After Eliminating
Their Fear Of Public Speaking!

People like Alexandra Sathi who couldn't speak up in meetings are finally respected for their opinions so much that they are being promoted and getting more responsibility.

Those who, like Robert Medlock, felt marginalized or ignored can at last participate fully in negotiations and debate because they speak up loud and clear.

Others like Katherine Mallone who were shy in social situations are building relationships and finding happiness because they can be spontaneous and authentic.

And since these individuals no longer fear judgment or criticism they can face conflict responsibly and argue calmly and evenhandedly.

Even those who wanted to start their own businesses can now do so because their fear of public speaking is gone.

How My Friend's Crazy Idea Makes Your
Personal Breakthrough Possible!

Four years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a man named Denis Hann who was so impressed with what The Lefkoe Method could do that he suggested that we create an interactive DVD that would help millions of people instead of the thousands my colleagues and I had helped so far.

I told him that we'd never been able to take people through our processes successfully without the help of a well-trained person. But he kept saying,

“There's got to be a way.”

So Denis Hann, director Leszek Burzynski, my wife Shelly Lefkoe and I, Morty Lefkoe, worked to create and test a state-of-the-art interactive DVD program to help people use our proven method of getting rid of the fear of public speaking for good.

We had to hire actors, a film crew, and top-notch editors to make a DVD so engaging and interactive that it will help you eliminate your fear with our powerful unlearning processes.

When we were finished 24 months and over $343,000 later we hoped that we finally had a program that would help people eliminate their fear of public speaking just by watching the DVD.

So of course we had to test it to see if this never-before-tried approach to delivering The Lefkoe Method really worked.

We looked for people to test our DVD and found 59 fearful speakers who were willing to be our guinea pigs, test our new DVD program and report back to us.

And at the end of testing we found that it worked.

Almost all the beta testers were actually able to dramaticallly reduce their fear of public speaking with many being able to eliminate their fear completely.

They did this while watching the DVDs in the comfort of their homes or offices and doing the steps of the Lefkoe Method.

Here's what just one of them said

To see how our DVD has helped other people like Aneceia get rid of their fear of public speaking click on the
success stories.

So now that we know our DVDs work we make it available for you to order online.

But Seriously - How Can A DVD Help Me
Get Rid Of My Fear?

To get rid of your fear you must go through the steps of The Lefkoe Method. You must experience the
process we've put on our DVD.

We've explained this process in writing and lectures before and yet people still were unable to do it on themselves for a variety of reasons. The main one being that they had no way of knowing when they were on the wrong track.

Our DVD eliminates this problem because its interactive features will actually help you to see if you are going in the wrong direction and then bring you back to the step you didn't complete properly.

It ensures that you will actually DO what you need to do and EXPERIENCE what you need to experience to eliminate your fear of public speaking for good.

I can't say too much about how the process works here because it's just too much to explain on a simple website.

However, I can tell you that it's like nothing you've ever seen before and that it flies in the face of much of what you've learned about how people change and what's possible for people like you to achieve

Now, I happily step in front of an audience, relishing the moment, feeling confident about myself.

I decided to seriously try your program when I heard about another minister who had broken through his serious fear of public speaking problem.

I thought perhaps if it worked for him, it would work for me too. Still, I was doubtful, since I thought my issues just weren't the same as anyone else's, and therefore I feared that your program wouldn't work for me.

In spite of my doubts I kept on with the program. The statements of
encouragement throughout the process helped me continue. Even as far as seventy-five percent of the way through the program I was discouraged, and not sure that it would truly work for me. But it did work. What an
improvement! My past experience with public speaking was that, though I was pleased with the content of my talks, I would suddenly be confronted with the jitters that I just couldn't control. Now, I happily step in front of an audience, relishing the moment, feeling confident about myself. I have flutters of excitement, but no jitters. Now I'm at ease on the platform and engaged with the people I'm speaking to, and by connecting with them, my talks are exponentially more powerful. In fact, the best I've ever given.

Thank you so very much! I HIGHLY recommend this work to anyone with tiniest to the most insurmountable fear of public speaking. It works!

Reverend Susanna


What's This Program Like?

The best way of describing it is that it's a change in perception. Actually, it's several changes in perception.

Most people know that right after you buy a new car you notice all the cars on the road that are similar to yours.

But why does this happen?

The cars were there all along, right?

You only notice them now because your perception has changed.

If you have to give a presentation to just one person you probably don't have much of a problem. But if there are several people in the room all of a sudden your perception changes. Your conversation becomes a
performance. And now you're afraid.

When you finish watching the DVDs speaking in public to an audience will feel no more challenging than having a conversation with a friend you've known for years.

Your beliefs about public speaking will change, your beliefs about yourself and your ability will change, your perceptions will change—YOU will change.

And your fear will vanish.

We know that it is hard to believe that you can get rid of your fear of public speaking quickly.

And we know that the only thing worse than having a fear of public speaking is
wasting money on ineffective solutions to get rid of your fear of public speaking.

That's why we offer an unconditional money-back guarantee so that you can get rid of your fear of public speaking with no risk to you.

OUR GUARANTEE: You will dramatically reduce or eliminate your fear of public speaking after using the Undo Your Fear of Public Speaking DVDs or you get your money back.

This guarantee isn't just for 30 days, 6 months or a year. This is a
LIFETIME GUARANTEE because fear of public speaking is a lifetime problem.

So you can take your time and unlearn all that you can from the DVDs.

If, in the unlikely event, you've used all of its features and your fear is still not gone you can confidently return it for a full refund at any time.

What's Included in The Package?

Besides the DVDs the Undo Your Fear Of Public Speaking package also contains:

A demonstration of each of the processes to aid in your understanding of what to do.

Interviews with Morty and Shelly Lefkoe, creators of The Lefkoe Method, on how and why The Lefkoe Method has helped thousands of people.

A discussion with Dr. Lee Sechrest, Professor Emeritus of The University of Arizona, about the research study that proves The Lefkoe Method works to eliminate fear of public speaking.

A special section to show you how to use the remote to take advantage of all the DVDs interactive features.

The DVD package also includes two other items that help you to complete the program:

A 12-page booklet to help you understand why and how The Lefkoe Method works to eliminate your fear of public speaking

A workbook to aid you in doing the written exercises.

As you open the package and use the DVDs you'll realize that we've done everything possible to make this process fast and enjoyable.

Well, if you're like me you've got just one question left on your mind...

How Much Does it Cost?

Before you find out how much the Undo Fear Of Public Speaking package costs, you'll want to know a little about how they were made and about the quality of writing, filming, and testing that went into the
creation of this product.

We spent well over 12 months writing and re-writing the script so that we could make sure that everything we've learned from our scientific research and our experiences with over 13,000 clients about how to help you get rid of your fear of public speaking was included in the program—all before we shot one second of video.

We then hired Bianca Alexander a professional television host who currently appears on three television shows and has hosted some of the most successful shows on ABC, Lifetime TV, USA, Fox, The TV Guide Channel, and Comcast to be the facilitator who leads you through the program.

We got her acquainted with the script but also took her through The Lefkoe Method many times so that she would completely understand what she was explaining.

We also went through a 3-day audition process in which we saw over 100 actors to select the 20 we needed to dramatize important points on the DVDs. We did this to ensure that you will completely understand
everything we present to you as you will see, hear and do our processes.

To make the DVDs enjoyable to watch we made sure that the filming and look of the DVDs is highly professional.

We built a TV quality set to film the DVDs and hired costume designers to ensure that the costumes and sets worked together.

We used two broadcast quality digital video cameras to record each scene with stunning clarity.

We used the same lighting required for shooting television sitcoms, giving our DVDs a
highly polished look.

So you will not only find that the DVDs are an effective teaching tool but also that they are beautiful to watch.

Leszek Burzynski, our director, brought in a crew of people whom he has used on a variety of productions.

The entire crew has worked on Hollywood films and major television shows and applied their considerable skills to producing the Undo Your Fear Of Public Speaking DVDs.

Finally, we hired highly skilled film editors (including a video special effects artist for "The Simpsons") to help us create an interactive set of DVDs that acts as if it is a 'live' teacher guiding you through the process of getting rid of your fear of public speaking.

After spending almost 24 months and over $343,000 on the project we had our beta version.

Then we spent another 3 months testing the product to make sure it would work for you and people like you.

We made adjustments and changes until we were certain our DVDs and their supporting materials would help you get rid of your fear of public speaking.

So this is a very high quality production.

Because these DVDs cost so much to produce and test our investor suggested we charge about $400 for them.

"Just to get the same help from from one of your trained facilitators" he said, "would easily run someone two or three times that."

Honestly, he's right. And I'm confident what you'll get is worth at least 10 times that.

But, you and I, we share a common interest here. You want to get rid of your fear of public speaking and I want to help you achieve that goal.

So I've twisted my investor's arm and worked out a special deal: You get the DVDs—with all the items I mentioned earlier—for only $199.

That's half of what my investor originally suggested.

Doesn't that sound fair?"

Remember, after you complete each 10 to 20-minute segment of the DVD you will be one step closer to becoming a fearless public speaker—one who no longer dreads the weeks, days or minutes before speaking in public.

If you're anything like the people who've already used the DVDs then achieving this goal is priceless.

And if $199 isn't convenient for you, there's another option!

Just $75 Can Get You Started Today!

Instead of paying the whole amount upfront — you can get the entire program for just $75. We’ll send you everything you need to get rid of your fear, including the three DVDs, the workbook, and unlimited e-mail support.

…And Remember, There’s No Risk To You

Take as much time as you need to look it over. There’s no rush because of our lifetime guarantee.

If it’s not everything you imagined — or if you are unhappy for any reason — return the materials and we’ll send you your money questions asked.

But if you like how your life changes — because you become a confident public speaker — you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of the program before you’ve finished paying the two monthly installments of $75 each… billed to your credit card.

So to begin your journey to becoming a confident public speaker click on the order link below.


We'll send out your DVDs by the next business day and you'll receive them about a week after that.

When you receive the DVDs open the package right away and begin following the instructions on the DVDs. After you've gone through them step-by-step I hope you'll write back to us to tell us of your successes speaking in public.

To Your Public Speaking Success,

Morty Lefkoe
Creator of The Lefkoe Method

P.S. Many people think it's impossible to eliminate a fear you've lived with for years. Everybody also said it was impossible to get to the moon or live with an artificial heart.

But what if it really is possible to get rid of your fear for good and in just a few hours and you missed this incredible opportunity?

With our money-back guarantee you really have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

So why don't you submit your order online today?

Next time you speak in public you can be fearful or fearless. It's really up to you

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